Stay In Touch

While sitting outside today enjoying the beautiful weather, one of my neighbors came over to visit.  When I asked her how she was doing, she commented that she was enjoying her time off work for two more weeks.  I guess I looked at her kind of funny because she went on to explain that she had had major surgery a few weeks ago and was off on disability until June 17.  I was amazed that I hadn’t heard about the surgery before today.  You see, she and I “shared” the loss of a parent (for me it was my Mom, for her it was her Dad) 14 years ago and just one month apart.  It was a hard experience but one we shared together and that made it a little easier – someone knew what I was going through and wouldn’t just say “Oh, I’m sorry”.  I wish I had known what was going on with her – I would have done something – but that seems to be the way our society is going.  We are so wrapped up in what is going on in our own lives that we forget there is a whole world around us.  We all need to take the time to pick up the phone or walk over to a neighbor’s house and don’t say, “It’s their turn” or “If they want to talk to me, they know where to find me”. The phone lines and the sidewalks go both ways, baby!  Just remember life is short and when we are gone, will anyone miss us?   I know I am going to make more of an effort to re-connect with friends and yes, there are plenty of friends and neighbors I will and do miss.

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