Happy Mother’s Day – Springtime in Colorado

This is a short one today.  Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.  Mother’s come in many different shapes, sizes, and guises.  It doesn’t matter – Happy Mother’s Day to you.

Mother's Day

After a beautiful week of wonderfully warm temperatures, some even into the 80’s, we woke today to snow!  Yes, snow!.  You really have to love Colorado weather.  You never know what you are going to get.  Last week I planted flowers, got the tomatoes ready to transplant (thank goodness I checked to extended forecast before I went further),  turned on the sprinklers and drip lines, etc.  Now, we are expecting 5 – 10 inches of snow!  Oh, well.  We need the water after such a dry winter.  Plus it’s May, the snow won’t be here long.  In fact, we are supposed to be back into the 60’s by mid-week.  I’m just wondering how many tree limbs we are going to lose.

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