Great Treat for you Dog? Sweet Potatoes!

Sweet potato chips 1

I am constantly looking for healthy, non-processed treats for my dogs.  I hear all the hype about this treat being good for your dog or that being good.  The vet even carries a line that they advocate as being good for your dog but keep in mind, they are selling it and as a result making a profit so of course it is healthy.  HA!

Recently, in looking through some information, I noticed sweet potatoes being listed as a healthy treat.  Further research confirmed that this is the case.  Keep in mind, a treat isn’t a meal and shouldn’t be offered in meal quantities.  Sweet potatoes are a starch and will cause weight gain if consumed in large quantities but one or two treat sizes per day shouldn’t cause a problem.

So with research in hand, I proceeded to buy some sweet potatoes.  The price on sweet potatoes is really low right now, I guess because Thanksgiving is over.  Check the sweet potatoes over, you don’t want any that have mold or soft spots.

I sliced the sweet potatoes really think and layed them in a single layer on a silpat lined baking sheet.

Sweet potato chips 3

Then in a very low oven until dry (use the convection setting if you have it).  You want them crisp like a chip otherwise they will mold.

Sweet potato chips 4

Allow them to cool completely and put them in a bag or tin.

Sweet potato chips 2  Here’s my two standing at attention for a sweet potato chip.

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