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I am always on the look out for sources of quilting ideas.  I have no trouble making quilt tops but the actual quilting is a totally different story.  I really struggle with choosing quilt designs that fit the quilt top theme.  Needles to say, I purchase a lot of quilt books and I have to say, I love them all.  Recently I stumbled upon a new name in the quilt book world.  Her name is Karen McTavish and she has two wonderful books on creating awesome quilting designs.  “Custom Curves” showcases “Ronda’s Rulers” with give you the ability to create beautiful curved cross-hatching quilting.  There are six different rulers to the set.  Two are semi-circle, one is a mini-arc, and three are “S” rulers (small, medium, and large).  Each book contains a DVD on how to use the system.  The books also contain swirls and curves that you can trace onto paper and use for quilting.  I found these books beautiful beyond belief.   Check with you local quilt store and see if they are carrying them, if they are not, you can order them through and get free shipping if you use “Prime”.

Where can you get “Ronda’s Rulers”?

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