Monthly Archives: April 2013

Burnt Craisins are a delicious addition to pies, tarts, cakes, and salads

I recently enjoyed this tasty creation on a dessert pizza at a local pizza place.  They were so good I had to figure out how to make them.  I was very surprised when the recipe turned out to be so very easy. Burnt Craisins 2 c. craisins 1 T butter 3 T raw sugar Melt the butter in a small… (more…)

How to keep whipped cream from weeping

Have you ever whipped a bowl of cream only to have it break or turn wet (weep)?  Stabilizing your whipped cream prevents the weeping.  It is so easy to do and takes just a few minutes more than regular whipped cream. Stabilized Whipped Cream 1 1/2 t unflavored gelatin 1 1/2 oz water or your favorite liqueur 3 T sugar… (more…)

Perfectly Flakey Puff Pastry

When I learned how easy homemade puff pastry was to make, I couldn’t believe I had waited so long to enjoy this.  I always disliked to “slick”, yuck feeling I had in my mouth after eating commercially prepared puff pastry.  Not any more!  Now I just make my own.  I like to make a batch and freeze it or make it… (more…)