Best treatment for burns that I have found

My favorite room in the house is the kitchen.  I love to cook so that makes sense.  My favorite cookware is All-Clad Copper Core.  Once again, I love to cook so that too makes sense.  But since I love to cook and usually have 500 bazillion thoughts going on at one time I sometimes forget that a pan just came out of the oven.  Yes, I have been known to grab a handle of a pan that just came out of a 500 degree oven without a hot pad!    Burns are not unheard of in my kitchen.  In fact, they are somewhat commonplace.  I have tried nearly everything on these burns to relieve the pain usually with poor results.  That is until a few years ago when I was reading something on the internet about lavender essential oil being a great treatment for minor burns.

Lavender oil

The French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse discovered lavender oil as a treatment for burns completely by accident.  He was in his laboratory one day and severely burned his hand.  He plunged his hand into a bucket of lavender oil thinking it was a pail of water and discovered that the oil relieved the pain and prevented blistering.  Since I discovered this, I have made sure that I always have a bottle of lavender essential oil nearby anytime I’m in the kitchen.  Get a bottle and discover its many uses, including treatment for burns.

NOTE:  If you a have a really severe burn, go to the doctor.


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