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2009 Signorello Pinot Noir Carneros/Napa Valley, Las Amigas Vineyard

$50 2009 Signorello Pinot Noir        I love big luscious reds and this Signorello Pinot Noir definitely delivers in a big way.  Signorello knows what they are doing in producing wines worthy of cellaring.  The bottles are nice and heavy and the corks are long and natural (not agglomerated – pieces of cork held together with a resin). Back to the… (more…)

2008 DiArie Zinfandel Sierra Foothills

$15 DiArie Zinfandel, Sierra Foothills This wine has a beautiful deep ruby-red color with just the slightest hint of brick at the edges.  Like most Zin’s, it has a wonderful fruit forward flavor with pronounced blackberry and cherry notes.  I like the balance – it’s difficult to pick out one fruit with the blackberry leading and the cherry following.  Drinkable on its… (more…)

2010 Cakebread Zinfandel, Red Hills Lake County

$25 Cakebread Zinfandel Red Hills Lake County Well balanced fruit – you can’t pick out any one fruit flavor but tastes like a mix of several.  Beautiful bright ruby-red color with a light tannin finish and a subtle hint of spice.  I think this wine would hold up to cellaring well and grow in complexity.  Would go well with cheese or meat but… (more…)