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Better Planning Needed for Cook at Home Meals

I recently started working outside the home for the first time in several years.  I have always done some sort of work; volunteering at the kid’s school, making quilts, etc., but this is the first time I have had an actual paying job in quite a while.  One thing became painfully obvious yesterday.  I have to plan better for meals… (more…)

Pay It Forward Challenge

CAUTION:  Rant Below Yesterday, while I was checking up on Facebook activity, I came across a Pay It Forward challenge.  Being intrigued by this challenge and the fact that I think this world has become more concerned with itself and less interested or concerned in those around us, I took the challenge.  It is very simple, five people respond to… (more…)

Solution to How Much to Fix for Dinner

I imagine our family is very similar to many families in America right now.  Everyone is coming and going on different schedules.  This has posed a problem for me since I don’t know who will be home for dinner on any given night and who will be eating dinner.  But I think I have solved this dilemma.  I purchased a… (more…)