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My New Adventures

I have always been fascinated with jewelry.  How they make it, how it is designed, etc.  I love looking at it, shopping for it, wearing it, etc.  There isn’t anything about jewelry that I don’t love so when my daughter asked me to take a metalsmithing class with her, I jumped at the chance.  The class would teach us how… (more…)

Happy Mother’s Day – Springtime in Colorado

This is a short one today.  Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.  Mother’s come in many different shapes, sizes, and guises.  It doesn’t matter – Happy Mother’s Day to you. After a beautiful week of wonderfully warm temperatures, some even into the 80’s, we woke today to snow!  Yes, snow!.  You really have to love Colorado weather.  You never know what… (more…)

What Do These Three Things Have In Common?

Recently, I decided it was time to clean the silver again.  As I was rubbing the tarnish off of a silver water pitcher, I was reminded of a story I once heard about a grandmother serving her grandchildren lemonade from a silver pitcher.  I remember thinking (at the time) “What was this woman thinking?!  The lemonade would surely pit the… (more…)