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Why Are There No New Posts???

Hello: Sorry there haven’t been any new posts in two weeks.  I spent last week dealing with computer troubles.  Seems the cooling fan went out and I had to order another one.  That took a week to arrive – new fan installed, now I can’t seem to link the photos to the posts.  Just know that when I get that… (more…)

Visit from an Elf

I guess this is what happens when you show your “very talented and creative” daughter a Christmas tree in a catalog you have just received and comment that you like it.  This happened to me recently.  I had just received a catalog full of Christmas trees and decorations when I commented that I like the way a particular tree was… (more…)

Perfecting Recipes

I recently received an e-mail from a reader asking why I hadn’t posted many recipes in recent history.  I guess I need to address this –  When I post a recipe it isn’t something I have just made up and decided to post.  I actually go through a process of perfecting the recipe.  I make the recipe, serve it to… (more…)

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