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How to Kill Aphids, Scale Bugs, etc. Without Harmful Chemicals

I recently noticed that I had aphids in my basil planter and scale bugs on the bottoms of my bay laurel.  Since these herbs are things we consume, I didn’t want to use anything with harmful chemicals.  I remember seeing a report that talked about Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Pepperment Soap and how to use it to safely eliminate bugs on… (more…)

Flavor Infused Olive Oils are Delicious and Easy to Make

  Flavor Infused Olive Oils The above oils are (from left to right): Garlic Oil; Lemon, Rosemary, Garlic Oil; and Lemon Oil. Now that some of the herbs and such that you planted this spring are finally ripening, you can start making your flavor infused olive oils.  These oils are a huge market (and expensive) in the grocery store and… (more…)

Update on transplant of seedlings

Wow, what an unbelievable spring we have had.  Very cold and lots of snow.  We didn’t get hardly any snow during the winter so I guess we had it coming and since we are usually very dry, I should also be thankful.  The cold has slowed down my transplant of seedlings.  I usually like to have them out before the… (more…)