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Wild Halibut Cheeks

While at the grocery store, looking for inspiration, I noticed some discs of fish at the fish counter.  Asking, “what are those?”, the fishmonger informed me they were Halibut fish cheeks.  Hmmm, interesting.  She went on to inform me that they were really tender, and cook fast in a skillet with just a little bit of olive oil.  I thought,… (more…)

Vegetable Frittata

This Vegetable Frittata is a great addition to your Easter Brunch.  It is so easy to make, takes only 20 minutes to bake and serves lots of people. Vegetable Frittata 2 lb. mixed stir fry veggies (if you are pressed for time, use the pre-cut veggies in the produce dept.) 8 oz. sausage (cooked and crumbled) – optional 8 large… (more…)

Chicken or Shrimp Shawarma – Enjoy the Exotic Flavors of the Middle East

I have to admit, I had never had shawarma before.  I know it is a middle eastern dish but had never prepared it.  But in my search for low-calorie, flavorful main dishes, I decided to give this one a try.  This recipe is full of flavor, very low in calories and FAST to put together. Chicken Shawarma 1 rounded teaspoon… (more…)

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