Best Cranberry Sauce EVER!

I know what you are thinking, “Why are you posting a cranberry sauce recipe AFTER Thanksgiving.  I could have used this 4 days ago.”  The reason I am posting this after Thanksgiving is because I think of cranberry sauce as more of a holiday thing.  Not just Thanksgiving but also for holiday breads, turkey sandwiches, cheesecakes, etc.  I love to… (more…)

Freshness at its Best with Orange Sweet Rolls

Next to the Caramel Pecan Rolls, these are my favorite!  Well, really it is a toss-up.  I love how fresh the orange juice and zest make these rolls taste.  Added with the delicious butter and you have a hit.  These rolls are also a great idea for a hostess gift.  They freeze perfectly and are always a welcome sight.  Just… (more…)

Delicious and Easy Caramel Pecan Rolls

These Caramel Pecan Rolls are a family favorite during the holidays.  Just the wonderful smell of these rolls baking on a cold morning is enough to get even the most lazy body out of bed. Caramel Pecan Rolls Yields 16 – 18 rolls INGREDIENTS: 1 recipe of Brioche Dough Topping: 8 oz. butter, soft 8 oz. brown sugar 12 oz.… (more…)