Monthly Archives: February 2015

Spring Salad

I love the fresh flavors in this salad.  Try to find different varieties of beets.  They look very pretty in the salad. Winter Salad 2-3 beets, cleaned, rubbed with olive oil and roasted until fork tender (325 degrees for about 1 3/4 hrs.) 4 radishes, thinly sliced arugula 1/4 c pecans, lightly toasted or grated parmesan cheese Dressing: 2 T… (more…)

Healthy Chicken/Turkey Chili

First off, I must say, I LOVE chili.  What better way to spend part of a cold, snowy day than making a big pot of chili.  In fact, I make sure to always have the makings for a pot of chili on hand.  But with all the information coming out lately regarding limiting your consumption of red meat, I have… (more…)

Jalapeno Shredded Beef

This recipe will satisfy your cravings for something spicy and delicious.  I have used this recipe to create many different dishes – it is so versatile.  Use the beef for appetizers like nachos, top salads, use in burritos, etc.  I like to prepare the beef, shred it and then keep it in the fridge for my family to use as… (more…)