Buddha Hand Marmalade – What a Special Treat!

I was recently at Whole Foods and noticed they had Buddha Hand’s in stock.  This exotic fruit is very interesting in that there is no fruit – just the peel!  Buddha Hand is used in Asia as a natural air freshener.  So, with the purchase of one, I am off to make Buddha Hand Marmalade!!

Buddha Hand 1

Buddha Hand Marmalade

peel (zest) of one Buddha Hand, finely chopped (don’t worry about the pith, it isn’t as bitter as from an orange or lemon – that said, don’t use the whole thing).

Buddha Hand 2    Buddha Hand 3

3 cardamom pods, light crushed

2 T balsamic syrup reduction

3 c sugar

1 c fresh squeezed orange juice

1/3 c honey (try to use raw)

4 c water

In a medium pot, heat the water, sugar, honey, orange juice, Buddha Hand zest, and cardamom to a light boil until you reach a temperature of 218 degrees F at sea level (watch the pot – it can boil over!).  Stir just enough to combine the sugar and honey and so it doesn’t burn.

Buddha Hand 4

When temperature of 218 degrees F is reached, add the balsamic reduction and continue heating to 225.  The whole cooking process shouldn’t take more than about 1 hour.   Remove the cardamom pods.   Pour into clean jelly jars and seal according to canning instructions.  Should make approximately 4 jars.

Buddha Hand 5




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