Visit from an Elf

I guess this is what happens when you show your “very talented and creative” daughter a Christmas tree in a catalog you have just received and comment that you like it.  This happened to me recently.  I had just received a catalog full of Christmas trees and decorations when I commented that I like the way a particular tree was decorated.  I then ran off to do some errands and when I returned, she had a surprise for me.  My daughter took it upon herself to pull out one of our Christmas tree boxes, assemble it, add lights and ribbon and presto-change-o!  the tree I had admired a few hours earlier was sitting in our loft.  On top of it, when my husband and son arrived home form work, they both commented on how beautiful the tree was.   I know it’s a little early for Christmas trees to be popping up but when the mood hits, I guess you have to go with it.  One down, three more to go!  Enjoy the Season!

Elves at play  The criss-cross ribbon is done by taking long piece of ribbon (she used four), folding in half length-wise, placing the loop at the top of the tree – one on each “side” of the tree, separating the ribbon strips then pulling them to the strip beside it and wiring a flower on.  Work your way down alternating the direction you pull the ribbon until you have a criss-cross pattern.

elves  Where the criss-cross is wired together, place a flower to cover the wire.  Here she placed a poinsettia and two sprays of silver berries.  We have cats and dogs at our house and this tree is on a hardwood floor so the ornaments she used are plastic to prevent breakage.

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