Awesome Fish Recipe – Red Snapper with Basil Vinegarette

I read the article showing fish is healthy and we need to increase our consumption for heart, brain and weight loss health. But I don’t usually like the taste of it.  My idea of fish is submerged in a batter and then have all the health fried out of it or catfish, dipped in flour and cornmeal then all the health fried out of it.  I have not learned to appreciate the flavor of just fish.  So, I have to find ways to add flavor.  This recipe definitely does just that.  The basil gives the Red Snapper a delicious fresh flavor and the lemon adds the right amount of zing.  I should tell you that Red Snapper is a firm fish and not mushy at all.  It also has a very mild flavor so if you are delving into the realm of fish and don’t care for fishy flavor, Red Snapper is a great starting point.

I always know if I have a hit because my picker eater will finish his dinner.  This will be served frequently in our house.

Basil Fish

Red Snapper with Basil Vinaigrette

1 fillet per person of Red Snapper or any other mild, firm fish

2 lemons, juiced

6 T olive oil

1 clove garlic, finely minced

1/3 c fresh basil leaves, packed

salt and pepper to taste

OPTIONAL:  lemon wedges

Lightly oil the skin of each fillet and place on a baking sheet.  Lightly drizzle the top of each fillet with olive oil, a little lemon juice, salt and pepper.  Place in the broiler for 17 minutes.

While the fish is cooking,  whisk together the 3 T lemon juice and a pinch of salt.  Slowly drizzle 6 T olive oil, while whisking, into the lemon juice until the mixture is emulsified.   Continue whisking and add the finely minced basil and garlic, adjust the seasoning.

ALTERNATE:  using a small mini-prep food processor:  process the basil, garlic, and lemon juice then slowly add the olive oil until the mixture is thick and emulsified.  (this is the method I use – my shoulders and arms don’t get tired whisking the dressing.)

Remove the fish from the oven when it is done (should flake easily) and place on a platter.  Drizzle some of the basil vinaigrette over the top of each fillet and serve with lemon wedges.



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