Looking for a New Beer to Try?

Before I go any further, I want to say – I am not a beer drinker.  Just give me my glass of wine and I will be happy.  But this weekend, as I was sitting on the deck trying to relax, my husband sat down next to me with a bottle of beer.  He hands it to me and says “smell this”.  My first thought is “Great, here we go again.  Anything stinky mess in a bottle”.  But WOW!, was I wrong!  (I know, doesn’t happen much).  This beer smelled just like a fine dark chocolate.  I decided to risk my life and take a sip.  Hubby says, “No!  That’s beer not wine!!!”.  My thought, “Duh!”.  The flavor of this beer is deliciously wonderful.  It has definite chocolate notes along with the complexity of port followed by vanilla, and a hint of pumpkin and bringing up the finish with a rich, warm whiskey note.  The beer is aged in whiskey barrels for 11 months and is made right here in Colorado.   I am extremely surprised by how complex this beer is.  The flavors are all present and accounted for and it is definitely worth a try.  Search for it at your local store and see what you think.

Dry Dock Beer

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