Where Did the Summer Go?

I was sitting on our deck this past weekend, with my husband, enjoying a nice glass of wine when I heard a sound I haven’t heard in a long time.  It took me a while to place it because it seems to be the wrong time of year but I head geese squawking.  I mean, we’re talking about July here, not September.  Which now makes we wonder if we are going to have an early fall.  That would be wonderful.  I love fall!  All the beautiful colors of leaves, the crisp morning air, the elk bugling in the high country, the smell of wonderful yummies baking (because you can’t bake an apple pie in the summer, ha!)  The only problem with this theory is if an early fall is followed by an early winter.  We haven’t had a hard winter with lots of snow in many years and I am fine with that, but I have a sneaking feeling our days of light snowfall are numbered, and that I am not fine with.  So if you are sitting out on your deck sometime in the near future, enjoying a glass of wine and think you hear geese, don’t worry – you haven’t enjoyed too much wine.  They really are honking early this year so pour another glass and be glad it isn’t snow falling.   Yet!

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