What’s Next, Christmas Year Round?

I made a visit today, June 4, 2014, to a major retailer dealing with home décor/craft items and was shocked to see they have Christmas decorations out already!  Now before you go sending me a ton of e-mails about how wonderful Christmas is and that we should celebrate it year round, let me say this:  I feel the SPIRIT of Christmas should be celebrated year round, not the decorations.  In fact, I feel like I just got my Christmas decorations put away for 2013 but this is because I decorate every room of the house!.  I understand that if you are a crafter and participate in craft shows in the fall you need time to get your merchandise ready to sell.  I have learned to accept Christmas decorations being in the stores along with school supplies in August, but JUNE 4?!?  Really??  I can’t purchase Christmas decorations in June. I would put them away and forget I had them so then I would go buy them again.   Hmmm, maybe that is the plan of the evil empire of retailers!

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  1. Becky says:

    Noooooo noooooo I can’t stand this . Pushing me to do all online!

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