My New Adventures

I have always been fascinated with jewelry.  How they make it, how it is designed, etc.  I love looking at it, shopping for it, wearing it, etc.  There isn’t anything about jewelry that I don’t love so when my daughter asked me to take a metalsmithing class with her, I jumped at the chance.  The class would teach us how to make a pendant necklace and a pair of pearl earrings.  It is a really time commitment as well since it meets for 10 weeks but oh well, maybe I will come out of the class with a new career at the very least I will have a piece of jewelry that is custom-made.  We just finished our 8th week and I have a beautiful piece of jewelry to show for it.  As well as a new understanding for what goes into making the jewelry that we all love to wear.  We have also decided to continue so soon it will be on to metalsmithing 2.  Can’t Wait!

Metals 1

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