Flaming Valentine’s Day Cocktail

This breaks a bit from the normal post that I do.  I’m not a “big” cocktail drinker.  But this one is a special one for Valentine’s Day and even though the photo doesn’t show it, the strawberry is flaming.  This cocktail is beautiful in a dark room before the candles are even lit.

cocktail 3

Flaming Cocktail

fresh strawberries with the tops cut off.

1 – 2 T sugar

alcohol of your choice – don’t use a flavors vodka, it won’t light for some reason (I think it has to do with too much sugar).  I used “Devils Cut” and it worked great.


Fill a champagne flute with champagne.

Carefully hollow out the strawberry just a bit.

cocktail 1

Cut a shallow slice in the bottom of the strawberry so it will sit on the rim of the champagne flute.  Dip the top of the strawberry in sugar and place it on the rim of the flute.  Just before you are ready to serve, pour a small amount of your choice of alcohol into the hollowed out space in the top of the strawberry and light it.

cocktail 2

Serve immediately being careful to extinguish the strawberry before drinking the champagne or eating the strawberry.

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