Monthly Archives: November 2013

Southern Bourbon Pecan Pie is an Excellent Way to Kick Off the Holidays!

I love pecan pie.  It takes me back to Thanksgivings spent with my dad’s family in Birmingham, Alabama.  All the family gathered around a huge table, everyone talking at once, the kids running this way and that.  That’s the Holidays and I love the memories of those times.  We would drive all night long just to get there in time… (more…)

Poached Apple Tartlets with Red Wine Reduction

Fall is the perfect time for this delicious dessert.  These tartlets are so easy and tasty that you will look like a culinary genius when you serve them. Poached Apple Tartlets with Red Wine Reduction apples – you will need between 1/2 and 1 apple per tart depending on how large the apples are and how large your tartlet pans… (more…)

Mom’s Chicken and Dumpling Soup with Veggies

When the weather starts turning colder, I like to pull out the recipes for comfort food.  Being a “foodie” I am always looking for ways to amp up the food I serve my family.   This recipe is my mom’s chicken and dumplings recipe with added veggies as well as pepper.  I love dumplings but sometimes they just seem like dough… (more…)