Cardamom Tea is a Delicious Way to Cure What Ails You.

I have to admit something to all of you.  I have been having a love affair for many years now.  Oh, not the traditional kind.  MY love affair is with Cardamom Tea.  Cardamom is a wonderful spice that helps boost your immune system.  Cardamom is beneficial in combating many kinds of cancer, asthma, bronchitis, helps cleanse the kidneys and bladder, helps to reduce excess acid in the stomach, improves blood circulation, as well as many other benefits.  But, cardamom can be difficult to get into the diet.  So, when I make my tea, I add about 15 pods of green cardamom that have been crushed to the water to steep with the tea bags.  I then add the concentrated tea to a pitcher of water and enjoy glasses of Cardamom Tea all day long.  I prefer green tea for the added health benefits but actually any tea is good for you, as long as it isn’t instant.

Cardamom Pods 1  Green Cardamom Pods.

Cardamom Pods 2  Crushed with a pestle.

Cardamom Pods 3  The little black seeds are extremely intense in flavor but the pod adds flavor as well.  I use both when making Cardamom Tea.

Check back soon for my Chai Tea recipe.  It is made totally from scratch so you don’t get any preservative or anything artificial.  Just warm and creamy deliciousness!


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