It’s DONE!! Well, almost.

So if you have been following this blog for any length of time, you know that I opened my big mouth this past spring and “volunteered” to terrace a large hill in our backyard.  We have gotten many bids over the last 18 years that we have lived in this house and the $$ keep going higher, and higher.  So, since I am oh so very tired of not having a backyard, I got the bright idea that my daughter (who is in college and didn’t have a summer job) and I could do it.  It would be a bonding experience.  We would have fun!  Do you know the fastest way to have a college kid get a summer job?  Tell them they are going to perform hard manual labor in the hot, hot Colorado sun for no pay and by golly they were going to enjoy it!  Yeah, right.  You guessed it, she got a job before the first week of digging was done!  So instead of this project taking 4 weeks to complete, it has taken 10 weeks.  But, it is done, well almost.  Just a few fine tuning things to handle.  Like two sets of steps that we need to redo, and paver block walk ways between the walls (another of those bright ideas I added to the project), and moving all the extra block to the backyard.  Then the planning can start on the rest of the project but at least I get a break for the Colorado winter.  Farmers Almanac is predicting “bitter cold”.  I can only hope because if it isn’t, I will probably be out there working.

Check out the photos.  I would like your input on what to do with the terraced areas.  Do I do planting and if so what?  I don’t like weedy, over grown gardens so keep that in mind.  If you have photos, send them to  Thanks!!

Terrace a  This is what I started with way back in June.

paver patio  This is the “paver landing” at the top.

Retaining Walls final  All four walls.  You can see some of the extra block that needs to be moved.  If you would like to volunteer to do this, just let me know.

Steps  Stairs.  If you look closely, you can see the few that need to be re-set.

paver patio bottom  Bottom of the terraced area.  This is where we hope to install another paver patio next year.   And you can also see the proof that my husband CAN “tear up a brand new anvil” or at least a concrete downspout trough.


3 Responses to It’s DONE!! Well, almost.

  1. Brenda says:

    I would plant big planters and place them on the terraced levels. If you want something on the ground of the various levels, you could plant ground covers.

  2. Kathy says:

    If you do planters as Brenda suggested, look (or make?) the kind with a water reservoir so you won’t have to water as often. Since this looks like the shady side of the house, you’ll need shade-loving plants. I’ve had great success with coleus purchased locally or online from Rosy Dawn Gardens. Lots of color and texture varieties.

    You might also consider xeriscape shrubs and ground covers. Less color, but also less work.

    This looks wonderful!! I am so impressed that you designed and completed it all yourselves.

    • Marcia says:

      I like the idea of planters probably do pots just so I can move them around. The only problem is that I will need a filler for the ground. I don’t want bark and am concern that crushed granite will be too hard of a look. I am thinking that I will plant a hydrangea since I love those and it is in a shady area so maybe it will live. That’s all I have for thoughts.

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