2011 Chateau St. Michelle, Indian Wells Cabernet Sauvignon


2011 Chateau St. Michelle Cab

As the temperatures begin to cool my thoughts are pulled toward more hearty foods reminiscent of Autumn.  Beef stew, hearty chili, spaghetti with red sauce, etc. , occupy my thoughts and with those hearty meals hearty red wines are also brought to mind.
As you know (if you have read any of my previous wine posts) I am enamored with Chateau St. Michelle.  I have come to love their wines and especially their price point.  For an extremely reasonable cost, you have enjoy a flavorful wine and not regret it when the check clears.  For instance, 2011 Chateau St. Michelle, Indian Wells Cabernet Sauvignon costs approximately $14 and that is money well spent.  I have had wines that cost two or three times that  and have not enjoyed them near as much.

The 2011 Chateau St. Michelle, Indian Wells Cabernet Sauvignon is full of ripe juicy black fruits like black cherry and blackberry.  I have come to love the jammy aromas of Cabernet and this wine doesn’t disappoint on that front.  The flavors explode in your mouth and linger to a very pleasant finish.  I enjoyed this wine with Truffle Popcorn and WOW, did it ever bring out the flavors all around!  As I said, this is one to serve with hearty beef, bison, tomato, and wild game meals.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.  Buy a case and set aside some of the bottles for aging.  I think it will continue to develop and intensify its flavors.


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