The Most Decadent Popcorn!

I love Autumn!  The beautiful colors of the trees, the crisp mornings and cool nights, the sound of geese flying over, football, comfort foods, baking, etc.  These are all things I love.

Pre-Season football has hit and as I settled down to watch a game last night, I was trying to decide what snack we should have.  Obviously it was going to be popcorn but what to season it with?  Do I go with the standard butter and salt or something more extravagant.  As I searched my kitchen the answer to that question became obvious.  TRUFFLES!!!   I love truffles – they are the most decadent, delicious flavor I have enjoyed in a long time!  I keep truffle oil in my kitchen for a finish to a lot of foods and recently had discovered truffle honey for grilled fruits.  So I popped the popcorn, drizzled a little truffle oil over the top, gave it a shake and as I was getting ready to sprinkle a little salt over the top, remembered that I had some truffle salt too.  WOW, talk about a flavor explosion!  That popcorn became and instant favorite!  Husband and kids were clamoring for all they could get and the popcorn was gone before I even has a chance to sit down and settle into the game.

Several years ago I was at a local farmers market and sampled a local popcorn.  It became my favorite for all the right reasons.  Boulder Popcorn is a family owned business that was started by a father as a way to teach his children about business.  Boulder Popcorn is free of GMO’s and tastes the way popcorn is supposed to taste.  Crunchy and Delicious!  They have several varieties – we love the Cambria’s Cream and the Ryder Red.

Cambria’s Cream is a medium size popped kernel with creamy color and the Ryder Red is a large size popped kernel with a bright white color.

If you have been searching for a popcorn that gets you away from the mass-produced Styrofoam you purchase in the grocery store, give Boulder Popcorn a try.  It will remind you what popcorn is supposed to taste like.


Boulder Popcorn 2    Boulder Popcorn Cambria’s Cream

Boulder Popcorn 1   These are the ingredients I use for the Truffle Popcorn.

Truffle Oil   This is the best truffle oil I have found and I have tried many.  The only place I have been able to find this particular brand is Williams-Sonoma.  I love this one because the earthiness of the truffles is very prominent.  I also use truffle oil as a finish for risotto, pasta, mashed potatoes, and French fries.  However, do not try to heat it or cook with it.  The heat destroys the truffle essence and you will lose the flavor.

Truffle Salt  Truffle Salt – I didn’t realize how prominent the truffle would be in the salt.  It is fantastic!

Boulder Popcorn 3  This the Boulder Popcorn Ryder Red.  You can see how large the popped kernels are.  The black specks are the truffles from the Truffle Salt.

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