Bath Day

Bath Day 2 Bath Day 1

Bath Day for the little ones and they are about as happy as any child is to get a bath.  But what are you going to do?  When they are dirty, they are really dirty!  So out comes the hose and the puppy shampoo and the games begin.  I think our two place bets to see who is going to get us the wettest and it is always a toss-up with them winning.  I think we come out of their baths with more water on us than they get on them.  The only concession is that I reduce some of the dog hair in the house for a short period of time.  Who ever said Huskies don’t shed?  They are very wrong!  Especially if your Huskies are indoor and outdoor dogs.  They only shed twice a year but for 6 months each time!  Just a good thing I love these two and would be lost without them.



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