Grilled Honey Pears with Feta

Just continuing the unconventionally pairing with Grilled Pears and Feta.

This makes a great light dessert or a great transition to dessert.

Grilled Pears with Feta

Grilled Honey Pears with Feta

Pears (1/2 pear per person), cored and cut into quarters

crumbled Feta cheese, about 2 tablespoons per person

Honey, I used Truffle honey.  It is wonderfully delicious because of the earthy component from the truffles, but any honey will do.  You only need about 1 teaspoon per person.

Heat grill to about 5oo degrees F.  Place pear quarters, cut side down, on the grill and let sit without moving for three minutes.  Turn to the other cut side and let sit again for three minutes.  You are looking for good grill marks – this is why you want the grill really hot.  Remove pears from the grill.  Place two quarters on a plate and sprinkle the Feta cheese over the pears.  Drizzle with a bit of honey and serve.

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