Monthly Archives: July 2013

Creamy Grits with Cajun Shrimp

  Before I go any further I just want to say that this recipe is freaking awesome!  Even my family that won’t eat grits loved them the way they were prepared for this recipe.  There is so much delicious flavor and creaminess to this recipe, they won’t even notice it’s grits!  Also, I know this looks like a lot of… (more…)

Olive Oil Champagne Cake with Orange Basil Glaze

I know this combination may sound a bit unorthodox for a cake but I have been experimenting with savory flavors combined with sweet and have the say the results are delicious.  One of my success’ is a Chocolate Bay pots de crème.  As odd as it sounds, the bay leaf enhances the chocolate beautifully.  Look for it this fall.  In… (more…)

2010 Starry Night Adara

2010 Starry Night Adara, $17 I haven’t posted a wine review in some time.  This is strictly because I haven’t enjoyed any wines that were remarkable enough.  I have had several that were “ok”, or “well… not very interesting” but have been missing that “wow factor”.  That is until last night.  I popped the cork on a 2010 Starry Night… (more…)