Heaven Help Me!

As you know, I opened my big mouth earlier this summer and volunteered to do a project in our backyard terracing a hill on the side of our house.  I thought this would be a great project for my daughter and I to complete this summer since she was home from college and hadn’t been able to find a job.  Wow, was I wrong!  No soon did we purchase the materials (11 pallets of block and 4 tons of crushed granite) than my daughter found a job – actually two plus the house sitting jobs she get throughout the summer for vacationers.   Well, through struggling with blocks that weight 80 lbs. each and a lot of rain (it never rains in Colorado except when I want to work outside), we now have two terrace walls up and one set of steps.

Terrace walls 2

This seems to be the never-ending project.  Since we started we have decided to also build a wall along the fence.  This is to prevent our dog from hooking his bottom teeth under the fence and backing up in order to break the fence picket thus giving him access to the world beyond (or our neighbors house through their doggie door).

We just finished leveling the first terrace between the two walls and are shocked at how much room we have not been enjoying over the past 18 years!  I can’t wait to get the other two walls up and really see what we have been missing.

Terrace walls 1

I titled this post “Heaven Help Me” because this project is definitely growing.  We have now decided to add a patio at the bottom of the terraces and extend the walls against the fence all the way around the backyard.  There is also another hill on the other side of the house that will be terraced as well (probably have to wait till next summer for that) and more patios under the top deck (beside the bottom deck).  I am trying to figure out how to get a firepit installed too.

Show you more in the coming weeks so stay tuned to this channel!


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