Another Use for Duct Tape

If you have been keeping up with my posts, you know that I stuck my foot in my mouth several weeks back by saying I would terrace the hill in our backyard and built block walls.  When I said that I didn’t expect my husband to take me up on it.  He did.  So I have been asking the Good Lord to help me to keep my big mouth shut.  He has evidently decided that I should open it even more often because for some strange reason I volunteered this weekend, in the 98 degree heat, to also build a flagstone or paver block patio and a fire pit plus add some more low walls to the project.  I’m blaming it on heat stroke or dehydration.  I am now praying for God to send me lots of duct tape.  I think I will have to wrap it around my head four, five, or even six times to get the full effect.  Hopefully then I will be able to keep my big mouth shut!.  This little terracing project just keeps growing and growing.  I am wondering how I can work an outdoor kitchen with a wood fired pizza oven into it.  I’m sure if I think long enough I can come up with more things to add to the project, I just don’t know if my body will hold up to the work.  The blocks for the walls weigh up to 80 lbs. (I’m wondering if someone slipped me some of those special brownies – Colorado is one of THOSE states now, ya know.  That would explain why these strange things keep popping out of my mouth.)

Check out the photos of the first wall and the steps.  I know it isn’t much to look at now but have vision!  It is going to be my own Italian Villa right here in Colorado, grapevines included!

The Wall 1  Sorry these images are blurry, we had a huge wind storm come through while I was taking these and that is dust flying by.  This is the first wall of the terrace.  Below are the steps.

The Wall 2

I will post additional photos of the project(s) as it progresses so check back again soon.

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