Digitized Mickey Mouse using Janome MBX Digitizer Software

MIckey Quilt Label

So, if you have been following the “Quilting” page of PepperedHearth.com, you know that I am currently working on the quilting portion of a Mickey Mouse baby quilt.  While I had hoped I would have it completed and on the page now for viewing, I have again miscalculated the time it takes to complete the task at hand.  Nothing new for me by the way.  I have completed the quilt label and chose a Mickey Mouse to embroidery on the label.  I used the Janome MBX Digitizer Software with Corel to import this from free clip art found on the internet.  Made a few adjustments to the drawing and them imported the image from Corel into MBX.  This is the finished version and I have to say I love it.  Definitely fits the theme of the quilt.  I will be posting a photo of the finished quilt soon.

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