Great Alternative to Krispy Kreme and Tastes Just as Good!

Before I get started I want you to know that I am a freak for Krispy Kreme donuts.  The plain raised and glazed ones are all I need and life is good.  Guess I am a simple kind of person – not to be confused with simpleton though.  Sorry, I’m off topic!.  Anyway, I love those donuts and look for reasons to pick some up.  Since I am ALWAYS on a diet, it has to be a special occasion.  You know like, I just ran the car through the carwash, let’s celebrate.
Grilled Mangos 2

Recently I purchased a mango at the grocery store and didn’t use it (you know they are never ripe and then when they do finally ripen you have forgotten why you purchased it to begin with).  Anyway, we were getting ready to throw something on the grill and my daughter asked me if we could grill the mango.  Sure, just cut it off the pit.  We put it on the grill and wow!, Krispy Kreme donuts only better because they aren’t filled with all the bad stuff.  This has become our new favorite grill food.  Every time I go to the grocery store,  “hey mom pick up some mangos” then on the grill the go.

Here is what to do if you are wanting to try this delicious treat:

ripe mango sliced off the seed

place on a hot grill flesh down

about 5 minutes after placing on the grill, give them a turn (just for grill marks)

5 minutes later they are ready to eat peel and all – but be careful, they hold the heat really well

These would be great with a good quality vanilla ice cream too!

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  1. Becky Weingart says:

    can’t wait to try and sounds like it would be delicious. like how easy it looks.

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