Best treatment for burns – Lavender Oil!

Burn          Burn 2

I know I have talked about the wonderful uses for lavender oil before and how I use it to treat burns but I thought this would show how quickly lavender oil goes to work healing burns.  The photo on the left is my wrist.  I burned myself yesterday frying bacon and as you can see it is definitely an anger red.  I really did it good.  It felt like I had taken a bath in the bacon grease instead of just getting splattered.  I immediately rubbed some lavender oil on the burn (I keep a bottle in the kitchen just for such occasions – guess I burn myself a lot!) then proceeded to rub more lavender oil on whenever the burn started stinging again (about three times total).  The photo on the right is my wrist today.  I should tell you that last night I took a relaxing hot (and I mean HOT) bath and there wasn’t any pain from the hot water touching the burn.  Today, no blisters and again, no pain and I had gloves on all day working out in the garden.  I know I’ve said it before but it needs to be said again.  Get a bottle and keep it in your kitchen.  You will thank yourself with the next burn and unfortunately, you know it’s going to happen.  Just make sure to get 100% lavender essential oil, not a blend.

UPDATE:  Here is my wrist two days after I burned it.  I have not applied any more lavender oil, just the three times on the day I burned it.  No blistering and no pain.

Burn 3


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