Looking for a quick, adorable quilt pattern? Here it is! (Part 1 of 2)

Easy Quilt 4

This quilt pattern is very flexible.  You can make the quilt as big or as small as you want and it doesn’t require any special tools for the construction.  Just a clear quilters ruler, rolling cutter, your fabric, and sewing machine.

First of all, choose a minimum of five fabrics.  I am not including yardage because this quilt is perfect for a scrap quilt or “designed” quilt.  Also, I don’t know what size you are wanting.  I made this as a baby quilt and purchased 2 yards of each fabric that I wanted to use in the quilt.  I should also tell you that I usually purchase more than a pattern calls for, especially if I love the fabric.  Never know where else I may want to use it.  So the instruction shown here are for a baby quilt size 42 inch square, you can add as many blocks as you need to make the size quilt you want.  The size of each block is a 7.5 inch square.

Cut 25 squares sized 6″ x 6″

Cut 25 rectangles sized 2″ x 7.5″

Cut 25 rectangles sized 2″ x 6″

Easy Quilt 5   Make 25 blocks measuring 7.5 inches.

Sew these 25 blocks together.  Five per row, five per column.  Don’t worry about the orientation of each block unless you are looking for a specific “look”.  I like the randomness of the blocks so I didn’t worry about the direction each was going.  I just tried to make sure I didn’t sew the same fabrics together too often (no red rectangles sewn to red but sometimes you can’t avoid it).

Cut four 1.5 inch strips for the inside border.  I used black so I would have a nice offset to the black in the Mickey Mouse’s.  Sew one strip to each side of the quilt.  Press the borders out with a hot iron after each is sewn onto the quilt top.

Easy Quilt 2

Cut four 3 inch strips for the outside border.  I re-used one of the fabrics from the quilt.  Sew on strip to each side of the first border.  Press the outer border out with a hot iron after each is sewn onto the quilt top.

Easy Quilt 3

At this point, your quilt top is done and should measure 42 inches square.

Easy Quilt 4

Tomorrow I will show you how to make your quilt top into a quilt.

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