Butterfly Quilt

In the process of cleaning up my quilt room way back when, I discovered several quilt tops that hadn’t been quilted yet so I am in the process of completing these.  Here is one little gem I discovered in the pile.  This is a “quilt in the round” in that it is made up as a round quilt.  I set it in a square because I really don’t have a use for a round quilt.  The butterfly motif is created using a wedge tool and while this looks like a complicated quilt, it was really quite easy.  I quilted straight lines on the butterfly wings to avoid detracting from the pattern of the fabrics and quilted butterflies in the corners which aren’t visible due to how dark the fabric is and that I used black thread for the quilting.  The quilted squiggles are meant to resemble the path a butterfly flies.  I love how the fabrics for the butterfly pop out of the dark background.

Butterfly Quilt

In the other photo I am showing the piping and binding.  The binding isn’t anything special; I cut it 3.5 inches wide and fold it over, stitch the raw edge it to the edge of the quilt then fold it over the edge and hand stitch the binding to the back.

The piping is a 1.5 inch wide strip folded in half with the raw edge stitched to the edge of the quilt before the binding is stitch down.  After hand stitching the binding to the back, I noticed that the piping was going to fold and “bacon” (get curvy) so I anchored it in place with a very, very small stitch placed approximately every inch.

Piping and Binding for Butterfly quilt

I had this quilt stretched out on the floor for photos when my daughter walked in the house from college.  She saw the quilt and immediately said “Is that for me? or should I just say, I’m taking that?”  Guess I’ve lost yet another quilt!

I don’t have the label finished yet so I will post a final photo showing all when the label is in place and the quilt has been washed.

6 Responses to Butterfly Quilt

  1. Where did you get this pattern? I would love to make one as our family when losing a family member is about butterflies. I’ve lost both parents and 4 siblings to cancer and stroke. Could you send me the info through e-mail please? Thanks Judy

  2. Betty says:

    Oh please please tell me you have a pattern for this gem?

    And may i please buy or have a copy of this. Please and Thank you, God bless.

  3. Jackie Foley says:

    I absolutely love this quilt and have been wanting to try it for awhile but I, like you, wanted to make it square. Silly question….was it easy to square up? Thank you in advance for your response

    • Marcia says:

      Yes, It was very easy to square. I set the round quilt on top of a square and created a “hole”, then set it in. Looking back, since I cut out the fabric to create the hole, I would minimize my stress by just stitching the round in place on top of the square piece of fabric then cutting away the underneath in order to decrease the weight. Hope that helps.

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