My first attempt at Digitizing with the new Janome MBX Digitizer

So I have attended several classes now at my local sewing machine store in order to learn how to utilize the Janome MBX Digitizer software.  If you have an opportunity to attend a class I would highly recommend doing so in conjunction with the CD that is included with the software.  Everything makes much more sense by doing so.

I downloaded a clip art butterfly from the internet since I was in the process of completing a “butterfly in the round” quilt and I wanted this for the quilt label on the back of the quilt.  I did fiddle a lot with the clip art to get it how I wanted it.  One of the wings was much more attractive than the other so I deleted the wing I didn’t want and duplicated the one I did want.  I also added texture stitching to the wings.

Digitized Butterfly


This is the first version of the clip art butterfly I stitched out.  I am going to clean up the “green” line on the right wing, work on the look of the body – it isn’t very straight, add outlines,  and adjust some of the other stitching but I don’t think it looks too bad for the first time.  When I get the final version done, I will post a photo of it along with the quilt.

Yes, I am still loving the MBX software.  I think there is a lot to learn but it is fairly straightforward and since I am lucky to know how to use turn on a computer, that is saying something!!

UPDATE:  Here is the final of the digitized butterfly using Janome Digitizer MBX.  I changed out the body of the butterfly because I didn’t care for how choppy it looked when stitched out.  After trying many different body styles, I decided to just go with an oval and add the antennae to it.  I am happy with the results and love the flexibility the MBX software gives me.  There is a lot to learn with this software so I am sure I will be busy with learning to get everything possible out of it but I also feel it will add more to my quilts.

Final Digitized Butterfly

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