Great pet care products that are not full of chemicals

I have two of the most beautiful Siberian Husky’s in the world.  Yes, I am partial to my pups!.  They are family and we love them!.  I always worry about products used on them for grooming.  It takes a lot of work to get that white hair white again instead of a dingy yellow.  I also worry about their teeth – I don’t like having them knocked out (the dogs, not their teeth) to have cleanings.  I think that isn’t necessary or healthy for the pups.  So in looking for healthy products that aren’t full of chemicals, dyes, or perfumes;  I found Takhari Pet Products.  Their Million Dollar White shampoo makes the hair so white you practically need sunglasses.  They also have spray called “Get the Red Out” that is great for teeth and breath and my dogs love it so it isn’t a hassle to spray their mouths each day.  If you are in the market for great, safe, pet products, check out Takhari for a complete showing of their fantastic products.

Tao clean          Bella clean  Here are our pups after a day at the puppy spa.  You can’t tell it now but they were yellow instead of white when they went in to the groomers today.  They use Takhari Million Dollar White on them and they look like a million!


They also have products for horses!  Here is the website: Pet Products

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