Unbelievable Fresh Salsa

This is the best fresh salsa I have ever had.  It is so fresh, you can taste the individual ingredients, including the cilantro.  I have never really liked salsa from a jar, it always has an “off” taste to me.  In addition, I have been trying to eliminate processed foods from my family’s diet for years and this was one I could easily eliminate.  This is wonderful the minute you finish making it but gets even better if allowed to sit in the frig for a few days.


Unbelievable Fresh Salsa

10 oz cherry tomatoes (or one container)

2 jalapenos (seeds removed unless you want really hot.  I seed one)

1/2 med. onion, finely minced

3 cloves garlic

2 T finely minced fresh cilantro

juice of one lime

salt and pepper to taste

In a food processor or mini-prep, individually process the tomatoes, jalapenos, and garlic (do these separately or the color of the salsa will be muddy).  Pour into a bowl and add the other ingredients.  Stir well and serve or refrigerate for a few days to a week.  Use within 1 week.

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