Update on transplant of seedlings

Wow, what an unbelievable spring we have had.  Very cold and lots of snow.  We didn’t get hardly any snow during the winter so I guess we had it coming and since we are usually very dry, I should also be thankful.  The cold has slowed down my transplant of seedlings.  I usually like to have them out before the end of April, so Mother’s Day weekend (even though that is considered the “safe zone” for us in Colorado) feels late.

I have transplanted the thyme, and both kinds of basil and they are looking great.  I can’t even begin to describe the smell of the herbs as I was messing with them.  Very fresh!  I love that!

Thyme transplant  Thyme

Basil transplant Thai Basil and Sweet Basil (ok, note to self bell peppers may look like Thai Basil but get much bigger.  MOVE!!! ;-}

Last Monday (5 days ago), I got a bug to sow some arugula.  I was planning on only using deck rail planters so I thought what could it hurt.  If we got cold weather and the seeds didn’t make it so what.  Predicting the weather in Colorado is really a hit and miss kind of thing.  They can predict 80 degrees and you will get snow!.  Well, not quite that bad but you get the idea.  Anyway, this is what I found today when I looked at the pot.

arugula 5 days old  Arugula 5 days old

I moved the bay laurel tree outside today as well.  You could practically hear that poor tree take a huge breath!  The sap has been running for sometime evidently since the rim of the pot is sticky but all is well.  I love fresh bay leaves in my cooking.  It really makes a difference you can taste!  Oh,  and yes, that is a geranium in the pot with the bay.  That is a volunteer geranium that came up last summer.  It smells wonderful and seems to love its “pot buddy” so I just left it alone.  There are all kinds of things coming up in the bay pot.  Marigolds, Thai basil, geraniums.  Just never know what will show up next!  Happy Mother’s Day to you all!  Enjoy!!

Bay moved outside 2013  Bay Laurel with volunteer geranium, Thai basil, and marigolds

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