Monthly Archives: April 2013

Best treatment for burns that I have found

My favorite room in the house is the kitchen.  I love to cook so that makes sense.  My favorite cookware is All-Clad Copper Core.  Once again, I love to cook so that too makes sense.  But since I love to cook and usually have 500 bazillion thoughts going on at one time I sometimes forget that a pan just came… (more…)

Check Out the Seedlings

Just an update on the seedlings we are nurturing – waiting for the snow (that just keeps coming) to melt.  You would think April in Colorado would be warm and sunny.  Not this year!  More snow in the past four weeks than the whole winter and more coming down today!  Mother Nature is sure having her fun.         The tomatoes… (more…)

Island Mist Raspberry Dragon Fruit Wine

As I continue my quest in winemaking, I decided to try a “wine cooler” for summer.  There are several flavors available but since I don’t care for apple in wine, gives me a sour stomach, and I love more exotic flavors like passion fruit and dragon fruit.  So off to the winemaking shop I go.  There are so many choices that… (more…)