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Looking for a flakey pie crust recipe that’s easy too?

This pie crust recipe has been in our family for generations.  I think it is the easiest recipe in the world and produces the best tasting pie crust I have ever had.  When I was in culinary school, we made pie dough till it was coming out of our heads and while they were all tasty, none compared with the… (more…)

How to prevent a soggy pie crust

There is nothing I hate more than a soggy pie crust.  You put all that effort into making a delicious, flaky pie crust and it is all for nothing after the pie is just a few hours old.  Well, here is a quick, easy, delicious solution.  I like to use milk chocolate with Banana Cream Pie and Coconut Cream Pie.… (more…)

Spicy Chicken Green Chili

Looking for something spicy and yummy but still healthy for dinner?  This recipe for Chicken Green Chili is a family favorite at our house.  It has everything my family usually looks for in a meal:  spicy, no fat or gristle, able to fit in a tortilla. Chicken Green Chili 4 – 6 chicken breasts, skinless and boneless, all fat and… (more…)