Essential Kitchen Equipment 1

A lot of people ask me what is essential to a well equipped kitchen.  I like to have great tools – it makes it easier to get the job done without a struggle.  Here is some of the equipment I have in my kitchen.

Good quality cookware.  I like All-Clad Copper Core.  It is expensive so if necessary, start with one piece or check into their D5 line.   All-Clad Copper Core is heavy bottomed so I can get the pan really hot.  I try not to use non-stick cookware except for scrambling eggs.  A good quality stainless pan with a heavy bottom will hold up to high heat, add a little olive oil and you won’t have problem with sticking.

A set of measuring cups (I like a heavy metal kind,  – the won’t bend when measuring something like brown sugar))

2 sets of measuring spoons (again, I like a heavy metal kind)

Set of good heavy cutlery.  This is essential because a dull knife is a dangerous knife.  I have Pampered Chef’s Forged Cutlery and love them.  I have had the set about 5 years and they are still sharp.  Prior to the Forged Cutlery, I had a few other sets of the most popular brands and wasn’t really happy with them.  They dulled quickly even though I honed them each time I got ready to use them.

Knife Sharpener – I like the Furi Diamond Fingers.  Please Note:  It is very important to hone your knife each time before you use it.  This will re-align the cutting edge and help keep it sharp.

2 Cutting Boards – once again, I like the large silicon cutting board from Pampered Chef because it has rubber grips on the sides to keep it from slipping on my granite counter top.  Also, because it is silicon and not wood, I can throw it in the dishwasher and sanitize it really well.

Assortment of Bamboo Cooking utensils:  I choose bamboo because then I don’t have to think about with cookware I am using – it works with both stainless and non-stick.

Pepper Mill – nothing is better in your cooking than fresh cracked pepper.  Make sure to get a mill that you can change the coarseness of the grind.

Salt Crock – while not essential I mention it here because of the pepper mill.  I use kosher salt when I cook because I think it has a cleaner taste than table salt.  It also is more coarse than table salt so if won’t fit through a salt shaker.  I just keep it in a small crock next to my cooktop.  Then I can grab what I need when I need it.

Flat rectangular pizza stone – I keep this in my oven at all times.  All ovens have hot spots (except a convection) the stone will help to even out the temperature of your oven and eliminate the hot spots.

Assorted sizes of glass mixing bowls – use glass so you don’t have to worry about something reacting with a metal bowl.

set of small glass bowls – I use these to mise en place a recipe.  Mise en Place literally means “everything in its place”  This is getting everything measured out and ready for a recipe before you begin.  If you have ever been in the middle of mixing a cake and found out you are out of baking powder you will understand the importance of this procedure.  Get in the habit of doing it.  It will save you the expense of a ruined recipe at some point.

Assortment of baking pans – round cake pans for layer cakes, 9×13 cake pan, pie plates, muffin tins, square 8×8 or 9×9 cake pan., cookie sheets (no sides), baking sheets (sides).

Ceramic Casserole Dish – no explanation needed here.  I like an assortment of sizes because as kids come home from college or go back, I can adjust the size needed for a specific recipe.

Coffee Grinder – dedicated to spices not coffee.  Freshly ground spices have much more as well as cleaner flavor.  Try fresh ground instead of pre-ground sometime.

Immersion Blender – these are great for making really smooth soups, sauces, and gravy’s.


I’m going to stop here because I don’t want to overload you.  I will post an additional list under Essential Kitchen Equipment 2 in a few days.  Don’t freak out over all the equipment and utensils I have listed, this is going to be an ongoing process for you.  I have had nearly 30 years to accumulate this kitchen and it is forever evolving.  The idea is you pick and choose what you need for your kitchen.  You may not like or ever make soups and sauces so you would have no need for an immersion blender.






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