Check Out the Seedlings

Just an update on the seedlings we are nurturing – waiting for the snow (that just keeps coming) to melt.  You would think April in Colorado would be warm and sunny.  Not this year!  More snow in the past four weeks than the whole winter and more coming down today!  Mother Nature is sure having her fun.

Plants April 13        Plants 2 April 13

The tomatoes are huge, I just hope we can get them hardened off and planted before they start bearing fruit!  I transplanted all the tomatoes into 3 to 5 inch peat pots so they will have more room to stretch their roots.  They smell so good, I can’t wait to pick my first tomatoes, yum!

Plants 3 April 13

I also transplanted several of the lupines and columbines since they too were getting quite large.  The herbs are looking great and growing like crazy.

Plants 4 April 13

Hopefully our weather will straighten out soon so I can plant outside Mother’s Day weekend.

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