Island Mist Raspberry Dragon Fruit Wine

Raspberry Dragon Fruit Wine 2

As I continue my quest in winemaking, I decided to try a “wine cooler” for summer.  There are several flavors available but since I don’t care for apple in wine, gives me a sour stomach, and I love more exotic flavors like passion fruit and dragon fruit.  So off to the winemaking shop I go.  There are so many choices that fit my criteria, how can I choose just one?  Finally I settle on the Island Mist Raspberry Dragon Fruit Wine kit.  The base wine is a Shiraz so the cooler will be a blush.  Back home I go to get the science experiment started!  Gather my paraphernalia and sanitize everything, then read the instructions.  Read the instructions again and begin.  Four weeks later, I bottled 31 bottles of beautiful blush colored wine.  The fruity-ness is nice, not too overpowering with raspberry (which is a good thing) and not too sweet.  The alcohol percentage is 6.5% by volume so it will be a nice light wine – good for the deck on a hot summer day.

Raspberry Dragon Fruit Wine

I would definitely do another fruit wine cooler type wine but still am holding out hope for the Cabernet and the Malbec I’m aging.  I’m not a sweet wine drinker but thought it would be good to have something I can enjoy iced for a barbeque or just to relax.  If this one is good, I may have to try the Exotic Fruits White Zin.  One thing is for sure, the neighbors aren’t getting this one!

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