Healthy and Delicious Grilled Salmon

Warmer weather is arriving, the grill has been dusted off, the cushions for the deck furniture have been brought out of storage.  Let the season begin!
This past weekend we decided to delve into the area of grilled fish.  Not your typical grilled fish like shrimp (at least not for us) we went for salmon.  Now I know it isn’t uncommon for salmon to be grilled but we are meat eaters.  However, in an effort to move towards a more health conscious lifestyle, I decided to give the beautiful pink fish a try.  My girlfriend gave me the recipe for the dried rub (it is the one her husband used and they love it) so I have included it as well.   Here are the results.  I must say, it was delicious and we will be enjoying this frequently.

grilled salmon

Grilled Salmon

Salmon fillet (your choice on the size), check for and remove any bones that may remain.

cedar plank (soaked in wine or water for a minimum of 30 minutes up to several hours)

2 garlic cloves, finely minced

1 c chicken stock

1/4 c  soy sauce or tamari

1 T corn starch

3 green onions, finely minced

4 T brown sugar

1 T fresh cracked black pepper

1 T garlic powder

2 T fresh basil, finely minced (if you don’t have fresh, use 1 T dried)

Soak a cedar plank in either water or white wine.  If using wine, I will soak several – don’t want to waste the wine – and wrap the extra planks individually in plastic wrap and put in the freezer.  Just remove about 10 minutes before your are ready to use them.

In a sauce pan, heat the chicken stock, soy sauce, 2 T brown sugar, and minced garlic.  When hot, remove from heat and add the corn starch and whisk until smooth and slightly thickened, then add the minced green onions.

In a small bowl, combine the remaining brown sugar, black pepper, garlic powder and minced basil.  Mix well and rub on the salmon fillet.

grilled salmon 2

When the grill is hot, lay the salmon fillet (skin down) on the cedar plank and cook for 12 minutes.  Brush with the sauce and cook another 12 minutes.

grilled salmon 4

The salmon is done when it flakes easily.  Remove cedar plank with the salmon and serve immediately.  If you have leftovers, wrap tightly in aluminum foil.  When ready to serve as leftovers, just reheat in the foil.


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