Curried Green Pea Salad

This pea salad is a spin on a midwest favorite.  It is lighten up with yogurt and spiced up with green curry.  Try it as an alternative to the calorie laden mayo version and see if it becomes your “new” favorite.

Green Pea Salad

Curried Green Pea Salad

16 oz frozen green peas, thawed

4 oz sharp cheddar cheese*, shredded

1/2 c. plain greek yogurt (or 1/4 c mayo and 1/4 c yogurt)

1 t green Thai curry

paprika and fresh cracked pepper

In a medium bowl mix together the green peas and shredded cheddar cheese.  In a small bowl, mix together the yogurt (or mayo and yogurt) and green Thai curry.  Pour onto the green peas and mix thoroughly.  Dust paprika and fresh cracked pepper on top.  Serves 4

*I don’t purchase shredded cheese of any kind.  I prefer the flavor and texture of cheese that I shred at home.  The reason for this is that commercially shredded cheese has anti-caking additives and this changes how the cheese tastes (powdery or goopy) and how it melts.  Next time you have a recipe that calls for shredded cheese, purchase a block and shred it yourself to see if you can see and taste the difference.


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