Can’t decide what season it is. It’s Hot Chocolate Season

Spring Time in the Rockies

As is usually the case in Colorado, it can’t seem to make up its mind what the season is.  We had severely dry conditions all winter and now that it is March and the weather should be warming up, we have had three winter storms.  The most recent storm was predicted to bring 3 – 7 inches of snow but when I rose from bed this morning, we had 9 inches and still coming down.  So what do we do when it snows like a banshee?  Easy, send the kids out to shovel and make hot cocoa.

This recipe is super easy but tastes like you have been in the kitchen for hours concocting the perfect balance of deliciousness.

Hot Chocolate 1           Hot Chocolate

Mexican Hot Cocoa  – 4 large servings

1 c heavy cream

1/2 gallon milk

4 tablets of Abuelita Chocolate

2 T vanilla paste

1 t cinnamon

dash of cayenne pepper

Marshmallows (optional)

Place all the ingredients except the marshmallows in a large sauce pan and heat until hot, stirring occasionally.  When hot but not boiling, ladle into mugs and top with a marshmallow.  Serve and Enjoy!

This hot cocoa is so good it has become a family favorite and is what we have on Christmas Eve just before bed.  Traditions die hard at this house!


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