Did you ever notice…

Did you ever notice how you can’t stop at just one grocery store to do your weekly shopping?  Well, at least I don’t seem to be able to.  I can get most things at the grocery store but some things just aren’t available.  Things like swiss chard that isn’t totally wilted, fresh garlic (the produce guy actually told me the reason they didn’t have any was because it was out of season.  Since when does garlic go out of season?), fish that doesn’t have an odor, etc.  I have started doing a grocery trip every other week to a local Whole Foods.  I only go every other week since it is a 30 minute drive and costs more that the normal grocery store but seems to be worth the trip.  They have wonderful produce and things my local grocery store would never dream to carry.  I’m talking blood oranges, Romanesco, Meyers lemons, heirloom tomatoes, exotic mushrooms (the legal kind!), fish that is fresh and varieties I can’t get at the local store, delicious bacon (yes, I love bacon), bulk olive oil in a wide variety of flavors, the best Parmesan Reggiano cheese with the greatest flavor, and a bakery with a huge variety of fresh baked breads – my favorite being the Rosemary Lemon Blossom – hmmm, yum!!  The other thing I love about Whole Foods is that the people working there truly seem to enjoy being there, not the case at my local grocery store.  Just wish the prices were more reasonable.  Oh well, there’s my rant for today!

p.s.:  No, I don’t work for Whole Foods and neither does anyone in my family.  I’m just finding I really like their store.

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